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Lenape Legacies is a  Native American Native Hawaiian 501 (c) (3) exempt Non Profit organization, incorporated under the Charter Laws of the Sac and Fox Nations of Oklahoma. Lenape Development Group is the for profit entity of Lenape Legacies and is an extension of the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma. LDG is also Tribal Employment Registered Office (TERO) certified.

Our Mission is dedicated to providing Sustainable Economic Development for the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma through Diversified Agri-businesses, Design/Build, Engineering, Vertical/Horizontal Construction and Advanced Pyrolysis Technologies for Solid Waste/Waste Management and Environmental Technologies for Indigenous Rural Communities domestically and world-wide.

LDG International representative is Mr. Jin Kim; former representative for the State of Oklahoma Commerce Department in Seoul, Korea. Mr. Kim is currently facilitating partnerships with Korea Government agencies and private industry companies with LDG for domestic/world-wide projects.

Clean Planet Enterprises-the leader in advanced emergency oil/environmental spill products which were used in the recent Gulf spill disaster; has given LDG the exclusive distribution rights for Asia in addition to the mid-west regional states of: Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Kansas and North & South Dakota. www.cleanplanetenterprises.com

Regenesis-advanced EPA certified “bio-venting” underground soil/water remediation technologies to clean-up toxic contaminated chemicals and waste affecting underground acquifiers, or from oil and other environmental hazzards www.regenesis.com


“malama ola aina, po’e kanaka ka me ‘aloha uhane’ oi’ oia”

(preserve the land, people with love, spririt and truth”)


State-of-art Rural Telecommunications & Satellite Connectivity with our Global Partners:


Contact the Lenape Development Group

Website: LenapeLegacies.com

Email: tstri2007@yahoo.com | Korea: (82) 16-211-2225 | Oklahoma: (405) 933-6093 | New Guinea: (675) 723-98460

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