ICDBG (HUD Coordinator)

Indian Community Development Block Grant

ICDBG is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) competitive grant program specifically for federally recognized Indian Tribes. The maximum grant award is eight hundred thousand dollars ($800,000.00) for any one project, and the grant can be written for various types of community development such as; buildings, land or infrastructure. However, the grant cannot be used for gaming or gambling purposes.

The Apache Tribe of Oklahoma was awarded a grant in the amount of $796,000.00 to construct a food distribution building to replace the tribe’s outdated food distribution building.  The new facility will have what is called a “store-front.” Participants will be able to “shop” for their food, like a grocery store, complete with a checkout stand, instead of pulling up to the building in a vehicle and having to wait for their food to be loaded. 

After the construction of the new building, the current building will be used for additional office space and storage. We hope to begin construction by January 2012, with a tentative completion date of December 2012. 

 Meet The Staff:

ICDBG Coordinator: Lawrence (Larry) Snake

Contact the Apache ICDBG

Phone number: (405) 247-9493  ext. 127

Email address: LarrySnake@apachetribe.org

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