Human Resources

Under the direction of the Tribal Administrator, Human Resources Director is responsible for the overall administration and management of the Human Resources/Personnel Department.

Plan, direct and coordinate human resource management activities of the Apache Tribe and maintain functions such as recruitment, personnel policies and regulatory compliance. Provides assistance in the formulation of policies and procedures for recruitment, training, placement, classification, orientation and benefits as required.

Recruits, interviews and screens applicants to fill existing and future job openings and promotes career opportunities within the organization. Maintains and keeps all personnel files confidential and ensures they are updated and current.  Performs a variety of duties to promote employee welfare, such as resolving human relations problems and promoting employee health and well-being.  Plans, directs and coordinates the training activities of tribal employees as needed or as required.

Mission Statement:

To provide assistance and training opportunities to all employees of the Apache Tribe in order to enhance their knowledge and abilities to become more professional in the performance of their duties and responsibilities, thereby resulting in the improvement of quality and provision of services to the Apache Tribe and its membership.

Job Application:

Employment Application

Contact H.R. Department:

Phone: (405) 247-9493

Fax: (405) 247-2763

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