EPA (Environmental Program)


EPA Director:  Seth Morgan

Contact the Apache EPA:

Phone: (405) 247-9493  ext. 111/109

Fax: (405) 247-2763

Email: epa4apachetribeok@gmail.com

The Apache Tribe of Oklahoma received its first funding in October 1996. The first personnel for this program were hired in 1997. The first year was spent gathering vital information in establishing the Environmental Program. Training’s, seminars, meetings, and conferences were attended in order to establish contact with Tribal and non-tribal programs. This was for information that would help us culturally and environmentally to build our foundation to help our Tribal members in the near future.  The Apache Tribe has had the GAP (General Assistance Program) Grant continuously from the Environmental Protection Agency to help the Tribe build capacity for a program in all its environmental fields such as land, air, and water which are important to our Tribal people.

In 1998, the ATEP started showing some progress as working relationships were established with the State, Tribes, and Counties.  Grants were submitted such as ANA, Pollution Prevention, GAP, and Wetlands.  In 1999, the Apache Tribe and ATEP submitted plans for a convenience center and will be used in the future as RECYCLING which is an important tool for the environment. The ATEP also received a Hazardous Waste Management Plan grant to know where all hazardous waste generators are placed on Tribal lands or surrounding areas. This also, was the year starting our own 1-day Environmental Camp for our children as an outreach in educating the future generation for the environmental needs of the Apache Tribe.

Mission of EPA Program

Our goal is to be trained and to help our Tribal members with environmental problems and needs on land, air, and water issues.  We are now being trained to do so in the areas of concern.  The EPA Region 6 is very helpful in helping us attain our goals and we are working together through direct and routine communication to protect and preserve the Tribal environment.  Our Environmental Camp and Apache Elders Environmental Walk are enjoyed by many each year and we hope to serve the Apache Tribe in various ways as opportunities arise each year.  This year the ATEP will concentrate its efforts on Open Dump Sites assessments, GIS/GPS mapping, and writing 2 –3 grants to aid our program.  The grants will be concentrated in the areas of Solid Waste Management, Recycling, and Water.  Future services will be provided as more trainings are completed, grants are approved, and personnel can be brought on.  Thank you for your support in our Environmental program and call us for more information concerning the ATEP.  



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