Tribal Enrollment is the most significant element of Apache Tribe of Oklahoma. To be of Apache ancestry is very special in itself, but to belong to a tribe and to participate in its activities is even more important.

For its members, a tribe is the political entity that governs them most directly and expresses their needs and opinions most immediately.  It is through Apache Tribal government that people make decisions that rule their daily lives.  They turn to it for protection, stability, benefits, and a voice.

Tribal membership is very important to the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma, because decisions are just as central to the tribe as to the individual. In determining membership, a tribe is exercising the most important of its sovereign powers, and for a tribe’s power over its own membership is the starting point for any discussion of Indian identity.

Mission Statement:

My purpose if to express my knowledge of tribal genealogy, willingness to enroll our tribal members and desire to expand our Tribe by knowing tribal members origins, by having all documents that are necessary and by allowing all applicants to have the proper resources available to have all documents digitized update all files, expand the Tribe.

 Enrollment Services:

Apache Tribal Enrollment Department help tribal members with Tribal Id’s, CDIB’S, Genealogy, copies of birth certificates and social security cards.

Meet the Staff:

Director:  Lisa Keahbone


Contact Apache Enrollment Dept.:

Phone: (405) 247-9493  ext. 119

Fax: (405) 247-2763

Email: ato.enrollment@gmail.com

Enrollment Application

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