Higher Education Department

The Apache Tribe of Oklahoma’s Higher Education Program encourages Indian Students to continue their education and training beyond high school for the purposes of developing leadership and increasing employment opportunities in professional fields.

The Apache Tribe of Oklahoma’s Higher Education Program grant funds help out with undergraduate full time student (carrying 12 credit hours) and part time students (carrying 6 credit hours). Graduate students are usually funded with tribal funds.

Deadline dates: June 1st for Fall Term; November 1st for Spring Term; and April 1st for Summer Term (only applies to Juniors and Seniors).


Adult Education Program

The Adult Education Program is to provide assistance for eligible adult Tribal Members who live in the jurisdiction of the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma who lack sufficient mastery of basic education skills to enable them to function effectively in society or do not have a certificate of graduation from a school providing secondary education and have not achieved a GED that want to further their education, for the purpose of developing leadership and/or increasing employment opportunities in professional and vocational fields.

Also, to provide Indian Adults with sufficient basic education to enable them to benefit from job training and retraining programs and to obtain and retain productive employment so that they might more fully
enjoy the benefits thereof.


Job Placement & Training (JP&T)

The JP&T Programs method of training is restricted to institutional instruction in an accredited school in recognized and prior approved vocations and trades are. Training is restricted to those vocations which are located in the Apache Tribal jurisdiction and to those which take up to 24 months of instruction for certification. Thirty six (36) month training will be a consideration for those eligible JP&T students who are in registered nurse program.
Eligibility Requirements: Training Program

  • The applicant must be an enrolled Apache Tribal Member.
  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • The applicant must be a resident from within the jurisdictional area of Anadarko Agency.
  • Applicants who were recipients of educational grants from the Apache Higher Education Program are not eligible for the JP&T Program for at least one (1) calendar year has elapsed since he/she received financial assistance from the Higher Education Grant program.
  • Applicants who have successfully completed a vocational training program that is still viable and employable field but never employed will be considered on second priority basis.
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate a documented financial need for training and, once on the program demonstrate that they have motivation and are willing to make sacrifices in order to learn their job skills within definite time limits. Successful applicants, or JP&T students, who do not attend class on a regular basis, will be counseled. If no improvement I shown within 30 days, then he/she will be de-selected.

Eligibility Requirements: Job Placement Program

  • Accept applications for employment assistance from all trial members over the age of 18.
  • Verify tribal enrollment for program eligibility.
  • Verify residential requirement.
  • Verify with employer regarding:
    • Job Title
    • Beginning Wages
    • Date work begins
    • First payday
    • First full payday, and

A verification of employment on the company’s letterhead indication that the job is a permanent full time position.

To download the Job Placement & Training Application CLICK HERE

Meet the Staff:

Director: Franda Franklin

Contact the ApacheTribe Higher Education Program:

Phone: (405) 247-9493 Ext. 116

Fax: (405) 247-2763

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