CHR (Community Health Rep)

The CHR Program was implemented to improve the health knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Indian people by promoting, supporting, and assisting the IHS in delivering a total health care program.  The efforts of CHR Program staff have produced an American Indian and Alaska Native health service delivery system, which provides follow-up and continued contact with the health care delivery system at the community level, thereby meeting the most basic needs of the American Indian and Alaska Native population.

The goal of the CHR Program is to address health care needs through the provision of community orientated primary care services, including traditional Native concepts in multiple settings, utilizing community-based, well-trained, medically guided health care workers.

Mission Statement:

To provide quality outreach health care services and health promotion/disease prevention services to American Indian and Alaska Natives within their communities through the use of well-trained CHR’s as mandated by Section 107 of P.L. 100-73, dated 11/23/88.

Description of services: 

1.) Planning, coordinating, and conducting the training of CHR and other health or community agency employees (including development of instructional materials and/or researching instructional materials) related to the CHR Program.

2.) Serving as a patient advocate by arranging appointments, filing complaints for the patient, helping the patient to fill out forms or applications, planning for follow-up services. For example, therapy and otherwise helping with medical assistance benefits (Medicare/Medicaid) applications, assisting the patient in obtaining basic needs of living healthy.

3.) Making regular contact with a patient who has a known health problem or diagnosis or who is at high risk of illness or disablement to see if he or she is feeling well, has enough food, water and/or medicine, is obtaining regular health care, has adequate heating, etc.

4.) Delivering items such as medications, supplies, and equipment to a patient’s home.

5.) Transporting a patient to or from a local IHS/Tribal hospital, clinic, or other local health care provider when there is no other transportation available, or according to local tribal transportation policy.

Meet the Staff:

Health Programs Director: Antoinette Short

Administrative Assistant:  Christine Jones

CHR Generalist:  Spike Tsoodle

Contact Apache CHR Program

Phone: (405) 247-7000 or (405) 247-2781

Fax: (405) 247-2763


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