General Assistance

General Assistance:

Applicants must be enrolled members of The Apache Tribe of Oklahoma. General Assistance is based on income and is temporary. It is not meant to be a permanent means of support. Applicants must first comply with other resources such as DHS Services, Social Security or Vocational Rehabilitation.  All applicants will be required to establish an Indian Self-Sufficiency Plan, which will assist the client in becoming self-reliant.

Motor Fuel:

This program assists once a year with utilities, prescriptions, glasses, cultural events, graduation expenses, athletic fees. Applicant must be a Tribal member and meet requirements on selected application.


The Burial Program is to assist Families in time of Sorrow. The Deceased must be an Apache Tribal member, and Family members are required to complete applications and provide all needed documentation.


This program is intended to assist with payments on utility bills, during certain times of heating/cooling seasons, or until funds are depleted. To be eligible there are criteria’s that must be met:

  • Applicant must be an Apache Tribal Member
  • Applicant must supply all needed documentation set by the Federal Govt.
  • Services cannot be duplicated. (If applicant has received Li-Heap through State/County or another Tribe, they will be considered ineligible.)

Elderly and Families with young children are considered priority.

2017 Oil & Gas Distribution Dates

Oil & Gas Distribution Dates

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