Welcome to the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma

We have created this web site to keep you informed as to the progress of our efforts to improve the lives and well-being of our tribal members.

The goal of the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma is the preservation of our culture, heritage and past while ensuring the success, furtherance and increased opportunities for each tribal member as we move to establish a brighter future which will provide enrichment and hope.

As we move forward it is our sincere desire to establish programs that will educate and equip the Apache tribal members with the necessary skills, tools and resources they need to build a prosperous future for them and their families.

We want to restore the strength and identity of our ancestors into the heart, mind and character of our present and future generation in order to use the strength of our past as building blocks for the future.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will do what we can to assist you.

Once again thank you and we hope this web site helps you in your interaction with the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma.



The New Year has started and so has our Apache Language Classes.  All are invited and encouraged to attend.  Find a Apache Language Class near you.


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